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Terraforming Mars: Turmoil - Board Game Box Shot

Terraforming Mars: Turmoil

, | Published: 2019
Expansion for Terraforming Mars
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From the publisher:
Time flies by, and we are deep into the play-testing of the 5th expansion for Terraforming Mars. That was just a tease, we’re not going to say anything more about the Turmoil expansion now. Oh, did I say that out loud? Oh well, now you know. Turmoil will probably be the only addition to Terraforming Mars in 2019, as we have more projects in our pipeline that need some love. 2 of them will be briefly described in our second newsletter, which will be sent out in a week or so, so please subscribe if you haven’t done so yet.

The biggest & most strategic expansion to Terraforming Mars, Turmoil introduces the political struggle for control of Martian society.

This expansion to Terraforming Mars introduces global events (visible 3 generations in advance) that affect all players. The players also place delegates in the Terraforming Committee to gain influence and decide which party will rule during the next generation. There are 6 different parties, each with a different one-time bonus and a policy (special effect or action), that are applied when they become ruling. To afford giving these bonuses to the players, the Terraforming Committee is also revising Terraform Ratings, causing players to lose 1 TR each generation!

Please note that Terraforming Mars: Turmoil should be considered an EXPERT expansion. This expansion adds a distinct, new level of play as players vie for control of the Terraforming Council, as well as plan for the Global Events. This expansion will appeal to those who want to play a more expansive game of Terraforming Mars.

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