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Spell Stealers - Board Game Box Shot

Spell Stealers

| Release Date: TBD
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Spell Stealers is a press-your-luck dice game – with stealing. Players assume the role of master thieves, sent by the various kingdoms of the land, in a race to steal a powerful magic spell protected within an enchanted temple.

In order to advance into the temple you need to obtain artifacts, represented by the set of artifact dice. Artifacts award you with points and points allow you to move through the temple. Each of the 3 artifact dice are worth different maximum values and have their own probabilities of success. You must use skill, strategy, and a little bit of luck to obtain as many artifacts as possible. Don’t get too greedy though, because failing to obtain an artifact also means losing any points you have accumulated during your turn - and every chance you take is another opportunity for your opponents to steal the points you have worked so hard to obtain.

The first player to reach the magic spell in the middle of the game board triggers the game’s final round. The player deepest into the temple at the end of that round obtains the spell for their kingdom and wins the game.


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Game should be released in TBD, so watch the news!

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