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Solomon Kane - Board Game Box Shot

Solomon Kane

| Published: 2019

It is the end of the 16th century. This is a turbulent time, with bandits lurking in the wilds of the countryside, and pirates roaming the high seas. Evil taints the hearts of men, and many give in to temptation. Many, but not all. Against this tide of corruption stands Solomon Kane. This mortal hero fights his lone crusade, aided by the silent might of the immortal Virtues. Together they fight against the implacable Darkness. This is the fearless opponent who tries to thwart our hero at every turn, and who must be overcome by the players if Solomon Kane is to emerge victorious.

Darkness has emissaries too, and these Shadows are also attracted by Solomon Kane’s faith. Shadows are not physical beings – they are the essence of the nameless horror that hides just out of sight, the lurking danger you think you glimpse from the corner of your eye, or the secret dread that sends shivers down your spine. This can drive lesser men to madness, and even Solomon Kane could be overwhelmed, for whilst his faith is strong, Darkness is powerful too. Solomon Kane can see neither Virtue nor Shadow, yet he can feel both, and he has his faith. This tells him that Good must triumph over Evil. It is up to the Virtues to ensure that he is right.

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