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Shakespeare - Board Game Box Shot



“All the world’s a stage.”
–William Shakespeare, As You Like It

Some of the best plays of all time emerged out of Elizabethan London—including the works of William Shakespeare. Conditions were, however, far from paradisiacal for playwrights and producers in those days. They had to work with tight budgets and very limited time, launching a production sometimes in as little as a week. Talented actors were few and far between, with the best actors always in high demand.

Shakespeare, a board game for one to four players, challenges you to produce a play in this chaotic and competitive atmosphere. You have six rounds, which represent six days, to recruit actors and craftsmen, sew costumes, and construct the set. On the seventh day, regardless of how prepared your actors, set, and costumes are, the audience fills the theatre and your show opens. Whoever earns the most prestige points by staging the best production wins!

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