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In Second Chance, each player starts with a 9×9 grid that they want to fill as completely as possible. To begin the game, everyone receives a different card with a starting tile and marks off its spaces on their grid. Every turn, two puzzle tile cards are revealed, and each player chooses one of them, then marks off squares on their personal grid that match the shape of the image shown on their chosen card. Multiple players can choose the same card. If a player cannot fit either revealed shape into their grid, they get a second chance and reveal one card from the deck just for them. If they can fit this shape in their grid, they do continue normally next round; otherwise they are eliminated from play.

The game ends when all players have been eliminated, the deck of puzzle cards has run out, or a player has completely filled their grid. If someone has filled their grid, they win. If all players have been eliminated or the deck ran out of cards, then whoever has the fewest empty spaces wins.

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“Doodle Tetris”

This casual game is a cottage hit! It is very easy to learn, has a high replay options and will appeal to serious gamers as well as their non-gaming friends. We have found it a great addition to our pregame night, a warm up while we wait for everyone else to arrive, but also a gentle “just one more” after the big games are done.

Praise overheard while playing “I love a game where we can chat while we play”, “it’s like doodling with purpose”, “can we play again?”

I recommend adding some coloured pencils into the box, since a lot of people will find the Tetris fit easier when blocks are different colours.

One of the reasons I bought this is that regular graph paper will work when you run out of the cute pad provided, and small games with big impact are important when travelling!

Recommended for fans of Patchwork, Tetris, and drawing


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