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Santa’s Rooftop Scramble - Board Game Box Shot

Santa’s Rooftop Scramble

Licensed to Ravensburger this fun-filled board game is full of the excitement of Christmas! Players take on the role of Santa and have to deliver the right presents to the right houses. The first player to deliver everything on their list wins the game. With simple to follow rules, this game is suitable for 2-6 players, aged 5 years upwards.

For a board game that the whole family can enjoy, Ravensburger presents Santa’s Rooftop Scramble, a game full of festive imagination. Pick-up the Christmas List cards to learn what the child at each house wants, then flick the spinner to prepare the presents to give. Once you have your complete Christmas list go to the elves workshop to load your sack of presents, ready to deliver. Roll the dice to move around the rooftops on the board and drop your present through the letterbox, once you land on the right box. It’s not as easy as that, there are some Surprise and Transport cards to pick-up if you land on the boxes, will they bring a Christmas miracle? The first player to deliver all their presents wins the game.

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