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Saltlands - Board Game Box Shot


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The Earth has dried out and civilization along with it. Some of the survivors have managed to eke out a living on the Saltlands: plains left behind by a once great ocean. As worthy heirs of the former civilization they soon learned to wring the Saltlands of what little resources it had to offer. Adapting to their environment they use landsails with wheels on these plains. But the Apocalypse is not done with the Saltlands; from the south a storm of raiders, a terrifying Horde on gas guzzling machines, approaches in search of their lost God. Only those among the first to escape have a chance to survive!

In Saltlands, the first group of players to find and reach an escape point with the necessary equipment wins, leaving the rest to the rage of the Horde. There are no fixed teams, players can decide to cooperate or backstab each other as they see fit.

During the game you follow rumors searching the desert for a path to one of the mythical places, hoping to find a peaceful shelter from the savage Saltlands. When enough rumors have been investigated, the escape points activate and you can win the game by escaping through any of them. You must, however, have the necessary equipment and clear the area of Raiders first to be able to make your way.

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