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The early Middle Ages was a time of bold warriors, great deeds, and heroic sagas. Heroes had a philosophy centered around the accumulation of glory and a belief that the only thing of enduring value was to be remembered in the songs and epic tales of their people. Those who successfully performed fantastic deeds were remembered on earth and those who failed were forgotten.

Even the gods were thought to shape their values in this fashion. Valhalla was filled with brave warriors who had done many glorious things and proven their right to be accepted into the company of the mighty. Those who had failed to gain glory were left to wander in Hel — a much colder fate. The gaining of glory was important to a warrior in this life and the next.

SAGA minigame recreates a mythical time period occurring sometime after the fall of Rome — the age of heroes and Vikings! Each player takes a heroic figure and attempts to perform deeds that will generate enough glory to ensure that the hero's memory will live in the sagas composed after his or her death.

To gain glory, the heroes slay monsters, accumulate treasure hoards, recruit lesser heroes ("jarls", or earls) as their companions, and establish kingdoms. The hero who gains the most glory is the one whose fame will live on in the sagas, while the others are doomed to be forgotten by posterity. Each player must be decisive and alert to grasp chances and avoid having other heroes gain glory at his or her expense.

SAGA minigame is an invitation to relive the epic ancient days when men and women could be heroes and dragons walked the earth.

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