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Republic of Rome - Board Game Box Shot

Republic of Rome

, , | Published: 1990
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In Republic of Rome, players are in a constant balancing act between personal advancement and the welfare of the state. Players build the empire from scratch and thus develop and change the political environment in which they are competing. Players’ Senators vie for political power, military commands and economic advantages against the backdrop of a turbulent world. Deals and counter-offers abound.

Short the necessary votes for Consul?

Trade the Armaments Concession for a faction’s support?

Spartacus has destroyed your villa. Send Pompey off with ten legions to crush him. But is that too much power to entrust to one man? What if Pompey rebels and marches on Rome?

Republic of Rome is full of intrigue, politics, strategy and deception. Enemies will be made but they can always be crushed once you have become the most powerful faction in the Republic.

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