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Quest of the Magic Ring - Board Game Box Shot

Quest of the Magic Ring

| Published: 1975
This is a simple board game based on JRR Tolkien's epic three-part book: "The Lord of the Rings". Players take on the roles of the major characters from the book (Frodo, Gandalf, Sauron, etc.). The large paper board is a representation of Middle Earth with various paths on it. Players move along the paths using standard die rolls, conducting combat when opposing pieces cross each other. Spaces on the board (Bree, Entdowns, etc.) are havens or hazards for different players. The Fellowship players win if they get the Ring to the Crack of Fire, or destroy the Dark Tower (Sauron's fortress) through combat. Sauron wins if he brings the ring or Ringbearer to the Dark Tower. Saruman wins if he brings the Ringbearer to the White Tower.

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