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Pressure Matrix game title

Pressure Matrix is a futuristic game show where the contestants fight for their very lives. Trapped in an arena, your runner moves to earn the most credits, while simultaneously pinning opponents into the corners of the Pressure Matrix, where they cannot move. As the game goes on, the pressure mounts as your runner moves faster and faster, with fewer and fewer options. The game ends with the last man standing.

Pressure Matrix is a clever, fast-paced strategy game for 2 to 5 players. With multiple levels of play, random tile placement, and sinister opponents, there is no end to the Pressure Matrix.

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“Never the same”

I have only played the 2 player game in which you use 9 tiles. You randomly pick the tiles each time from a huge pile. The game is never the same twice because you never know which tiles you will pick. Great game to play over and over.


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