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Discover the new game by Antoine Bauza! As a submarine captain, explore the deep blue in search of rare underwater animal species, forgotten treasures, or priceless pearls!

Upgrade sections of your submarine to venture deeper and deeper and score exploration points each turn for the animals you spot and the speed of your vessel. Unearth riches and discover coral reefs to score additional points at the end of the game.

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“Interesting Drafting Mechanic But That's All”

Okay, first of all I had high hope for this one. It was released just in time with Dream Home and both were on my wishlist. Got them both and they’re just okay.
Oceanos has bigger game than Dream Home and the fact that it’s designed by Antoine Bauza (the designer of many great games includes 7 Wonders, Terror in Meeple City and more) I was more interested with this. The rules define the game to be a very simple game, suitable for casual gamers and children with cute and colorful illustrations and puzzle like components.

The game is simple you try to explore the underwater with your sub and try to get the most points after 3 rounds. Each round you will choose cards to place in front of you which will be lined up and form an underwater scene start from shallow to depth in 3 rows. The cards are draft in a very unique way, or you may call it different than drafting. The first player will be the captain during the turn and will distribute cards to other players while waiting them to return unchosen cards back to the captain for him to choose. It’s an interesting way of blocking players to get cards. The scoring is simple, based on set collection of animals, upgrade parts of your sub and area enclosure of coral reef.

The game could be fun with the right group since players trying to block others by giving the cards that they don’t need or keeping the cards that they need. After several plays you can see that the game is quite monotone. You will feel the same thing over and over again.

So you know it is best for children because the game offers quite interesting decision of their level. But other than that, you should look into meatier games like Potion Explosion or something.


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