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Mississippi Queen - Board Game Box Shot

Mississippi Queen

| Published: 2019

In MISSISSIPPI QUEEN, take part in the famous paddle boat race!

Take the helm of a paddle boat to take part in the famous race on the Mississippi! Manage your speed and your coal consumption perfectly, avoid obstacles, pilot flawlessly without forgetting to take two passengers on your journey! The first player to reach the finish line with their passengers on board will be named commander of the famous Mississippi Queen!

Mississippi Queen is the re-edition of Spiel Des jahres 1997, a racing game with an original theme, simple but tactical to take game play on the river and pay attention to the position of opponents.

The game includes the Black Rose expansion

How to play

In Mississippi Queen, you are a boat captain and have to navigate the Mississippi to complete the race, landing first on a pontoon where the cheering crowd awaits, with two passengers on board during their journey.

Each boat has two wheels that you can turn. One of them allows you to choose the speed of movement, while the second represents the amount of coal available for the entire race. The whole strategy of Mississippi Queen lies in both the speed of movement and the consumption of coal.

Know how to manage your coal

If it is more logical to go as fast as possible to win a race, the captain will be subject to many constraints.

First, he will have to be economical in his gear changes. Indeed, the chosen speed will be the number of boxes that the ship will have to cross during its turn. Thus, increasing or reducing its speed by turning the wheel by one notch does not consume coal.

But if the captain orders strong power increase to accelerate or decelerate, the boat consumes coal, one coal per additional notch beyond the first!

In addition, turning with this kind of boat, a bit clumsy, is not as simple as in reality. Also, this one will travel by crossing the hexagonal boxes of the river tiles. If the first turn is free, the others during the same turn will consume coal, knowing that a turn consists of turning only on one side of the hexagon. There too, you will have to be economical and plan your trips well.

Where it gets complicated is that you only have 6 coal to make the whole trip!

Well, you just have to start at full speed and cross the boxes, you will tell me. Well no !

In fact, don't forget that you're going to have to take turns to avoid being stranded on an island. Then, remember that you must take on board, two charming passengers waiting for you, umbrella in hand, on the pontoons of some islets. And for that, it will be necessary to dock at a reasonable speed, that is to say at least!

Finally, your competitors will probably do everything to put you in the way (paddlewheels). Thus, they can stand in your way, or even push you! Knowing that they will be able to choose one of the adjacent boxes and not necessarily the one placed in front of you. And yes, it’s a race, not a fun walk. The adversaries will be merciless!

You will therefore have to anticipate all your maneuvers for the following rounds so as not to get stuck and consume as little coal as possible!

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