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Middle Empire - Board Game Box Shot

Middle Empire

Published: 2015
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In Middle Empire, you are in a race to construct and defend the winning number of empires before the other players, while holding the other players back! Middle Empire can be learned in 15 minutes, while still providing engaging and dynamic game play. Middle Empire is fun for 2-4 players and can be played in 30 minutes.

Middle Empire is an easy to learn, quick playing strategy board game where players compete to obtain the winning number of empires through construction, defense, and attack. Players can construct their own strongholds on new spaces and upgrade them to empires or attack other players to obtain more strongholds. From your construction cards, you decide where to place a stronghold on the board or to upgrade to an empire. Strategically time the picking and playing of construction, defense, and attack cards! Should you attack the weaker player to further your game or try to hold off another player from winning in the next few turns? Can you protect your empires from others before another player can sneak attack you?


A typical turn consists of picking 2 new cards for your hand and playing up to 3 cards:

  1. Construction card - you can expand your presence on the game board or upgrade your current spot(s) to empires for more points
  2. Defense card - you can pick various cards to defend yourself from other opponents and properly set yourself up for the win
  3. Attack card - you can attack other players in hopes to take over their territories and build them into empires

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“Great game!”

Overall, I was impressed by this game. It is easy to learn. Good strategy game. I have played this game several times and I feel like I tried different strategies; some work and some don’t. It really does feel like a combination of “Risk” and “Settlers of Catan”. Probably more “Settlers of Catan”. I would like to have more players (only two to four), but doesn’t take away the experience. I often tell my friends to try it, if not buy a copy. The design of the board and cards are cool. The names of the different “regions” feel ancient, like I’m in the Middle Ages. I highly recommend this game for any board game enthusiasts!


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