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| Published: 2008
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What is this game about?
Manoeuvre is based on Napoleonic era warfare, but only loosely so; it plays more like chess, but with some aspects of the chaos of real warfare. Manoeuvre was designed with two parallel thoughts in mind: ease of play combined with variety. The game is simple enough that it can be learned and played in a short time, and the battles remain different each time you play it.

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“Excitement and just plain fun to play”

Replay Value:

Replay value I would say is high with 8 different nationality if you will, France, Russia, Britain, Spain, Austria, Turkey, Prussia and the United states. All the nationality have different strength and weaknesses. There are 24 map boards you arrange 4 randomly to create an 8×8 board. These have depiction of water, houses, trees, etc. So there is a great number of factors that make replay values strong in this game.


24 map boards. The depictions on them are Clear, Field, Hill, Lake, Marsh, Town, Woods, . (one note on this, they have a tendency to move while playing since you put 4 of them together to make the playing area. I use plexi glass on top to avoid this, but you could always use that special tape that does not mar the surface to keep the maps together.)
The dice, 4 eight sided (blue) , 4 six sided (red) and 4 ten sided (green).
2 player aid cards, this awesome so each player can have their own when playing.
1 rule book , well laid out.
8 nationality cards (activation cards) consisting of 60 cards. These are pretty good quality. One note here is that they micro cards.
The counters for the nationalities are thick and big and not too bad looking. There are 8 counters for each faction, 1 first player counter and 4 redoubt. For a total of 69 counters.

Easy to Learn:
It is very easy to learn, but with that said it has a lot of strategy and luck though. Attacks are made on two eight-sided, two six-sided or one ten sided dice, based on if you have that units card in your hand. The units card tell you what dice to roll and any bonuses. There is a large luck factor in the combat, but the decisions made are also crucial. Also, it can be of benefit to avoid conflict and maneuver your troops (hence the name of the game) to go for control.

To win you either eliminate 5 units or if you control more of your opponents side of the battle field at the end of the day you win. End of day occurs when you both players draw there last activation cards.

As I noted above each country plays differently, other than the United States most cards are balanced. You can win with the United States, but you need to play a hit and run type of game.


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