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Mage Wars: Arena - Board Game Box Shot

Mage Wars: Arena

| Published: 2015
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From Arcane Wonders: Today, we are happy to announce a dynamic change to our Core Set for the award winning Mage Wars® game! Beginning in early 2015, we will be shipping the 4th edition printing of Mage Wars, and with it, comes several dynamic updates that are sure to excite!


First, as you can see, there is a new box! We will be moving to a 12 x 12 box size, which will make many shelves, both in retailers and in homes, happy! But aside from just a new box design, we have many exciting new features:

  • 2 New Spellbook designs
  • New Arena Board design
  • Alternate Art for Bear Strength, Dispel, Dissolve, Minor Heal and Rhino Hide
  • New Artwork for Battle Fury, Force Push, Hand of Bim Shalla, Teleport, and Temple of Light
  • Plus, 14 additional spell cards have been added to make spellbook building easier, including Dispel, Dissolve, Force Push and others.

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I Am What I Am
44 of 51 gamers found this helpful
“Great 2 player areana board game. ”

This is a good game. Love the fact that each character plays differently and that you can customise your spell deck such that you can adapt to your playstyle. I love the fact that you choose 2 spells to cast each turn from your spell deck, but depending on what your opponent does might not be able to cast them. Makes the game much more interesting. However, because of the large number of spell cards, set-up can take a while and same with choosing what spells to cast. This is definitely a game that benefits those who have played the game before.


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