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Lift Off! Get me off this Planet - Board Game Box Shot

Lift Off! Get me off this Planet

| Published: 2015
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It’s been a fun existence, but someone tripped over a coolant cord in the core and the planet you’ve called home for eons is going to explode. Sadly, the Great Alien Council never considered this possibility. Looks like you are going to have to use your wits and every means at your disposal to escape. “Get me off this planet!” can be heard echoing in the core.

The objective of Lift Off! is to be the first player to get their Aliens off the planet using resource cards, action cards‚ and phases of the moon to escape. If the planet explodes before everyone escapes‚ the player with the most saved Aliens wins.

Lift Off components
images © Eduardo Baraf

What’s special about Lift Off! is that Lift Off Point board pieces (such as the Rocket Ship, Satellite, U.F.O etc) are all different and often require multiple players to work together to take off. For example, the Rocket Ship takes a lot of resources (6 Fuel and 6 Screws) and can carry 6 aliens from various players. This creates a great dynamic of semi-co-operative play that can turn real competitive, real fast; initially all players work together to get the first half of their aliens off the planet. Once the population starts thinning, people become more competitive and tricky, using action cards to manipulate the moon, terraform the board, create tornadoes, and more.

Family Friendly! - There is also a family friendly rule variant with less "take that" included.

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