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Komodo - Board Game Box Shot


| Published: 2012
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Komodo game in play

The world is in chaos.
An asteroid is plunging towards the South Pacific. Your mission: to prevent the extinction of Australasian animals.

As a zoologist, you must outwit your opponents in a race to save the most creatures, if necessary by stealing their territory and animals.

The award winning game Komodo is the exciting species survival strategy game that can be played competitively or collaboratively. Entire species depend on you, so you must be ruthless. Ask yourself: are you tough enough? Are you the kind of Zoologist who is bound for victory, or destined to extinction? Only Komodo knows!

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“An impressive first outing”

I write reviews for a retailer in Australia, The Games Shop, and I was extremely impressed by Komodo, the first game by New Zealand based ShilMil. Here is an excerpt from the preview I wrote, which can be found in its entirety at:

“At first glance, Komodo has a familiar format. The game map is constructed by using variable tiles in a similar fashion as games like Carcassonne. Unlike these games, Komodo’s tiles are malleable, and a variety of action cards allow players to do things like rotate tiles that have already been played. Fans of visually precise tile laying games might be hesitant about Komodo, since its tiles do not bear the same restrictive placement rules as something like Tantrix. Since water doesn’t have to touch water, sand doesn’t have to touch sand, and so forth, the board tends to look more jumbled than the clean, meticulous lines of Tantrix or Carcassonne. The lack of restriction opens opportunities in gameplay, though. Players can block each others’ progress with a ferocious ease, but are typically held in check by a desire to claim a large plot of land for themselves.

Players will compete to capture portions of the budding territory by playing animals in any region large enough to support them. In this way, the game also resembles Zooloretto and it’s refined successor Aquaretto. SchilMil’s website does reveal that the game was originally planned as a zoo game. In its current form though, Komodo’s plot revolves around biologists trying to preserve as many rare animals as possible before a meteorite strikes the South Pacific. In this theme, Komodo scores another success.”


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