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Hoplomachus: The Lost Cities - Board Game Box Shot

Hoplomachus: The Lost Cities

| Published: 2012
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The Roman Empire is flourishing. News of the famous arena games are reaching every corner of the globe. But this renown may be having some undesired effects, as it has attracted the attention of some unusual parties. Legendary cities from the far reaches of the earth, each thought to have been lost forever, are sending emissaries to Rome. These are not ordinary cities. Each represent an advanced civilization with warrior types, skills, and tactics unknown to the Empire. How these cities and cultures exist remains a mystery…one the Empire intends to uncover.

In order to study and determine the threat level of these potential adversaries, the Roman Empire reacts quickly. Each of the emissaries have been sent home with a challenge in hand that will take place in the arena. It reads:

“Gather your elite, your best Champion and fighters, set your strategists to work and join us. Battle in the arena and prove to the world you are worth its notice.”

Three cities have responded…

Hoplomachus lost cities gameplay


Hoplomachus [ha-ploh-ma-kuss], or “Hoplo” for short, is a hex-based tactical board game set inside a gladiatorial arena.

Each player represents an ancient city/civilization thought to have been lost to the world, who is now on Rome’s doorstep vying for a place in the prestigious arena games.

Hoplo is a fast-paced game that combines chess-like planning with squad-based tactics. On your movement phase - you move all your gladiators up to their individual move ranges rather than just one. The attack phase is the same way. This type of turn and action sequence makes for much more intense battle rounds.

While Hoplomachus cators to the strategist who plans and adjusts as things change within the arena, there IS an element of chance that can create unexpected circumstances and outcomes. Almost every unit has a roll associated with its attack. Based on the unit type and the kind of attack chosen, a player can introduce more or less "chance" into thier strategy depending on thier particular playstyle.

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