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Goths Save The Queen - Board Game Box Shot

Goths Save The Queen

| Published: 2016

In Goths Save The Queen, two teams (2-vs-2 — use two copies of the game to play at 3V3, 3V4 or 4V4) are fighting to save the Queen hidden in the middle of the table. Each team is composed of one player giving orders and another one trying to understand which order has been given.


To give an order, the King chooses a card and flips it onto the table to reveal two orders on its back, with no clue about which one is the right one. The warchief checks the battlefield, then tries to choose the right order with a card in hand. When both teams have chosen their cards, all of them are revealed, and if both cards match on a team, then the order is carried out. Some examples of orders: loading the catapult, firing with the catapult, progressing toward the Queen, looking at hidden cards in the middle to find the Queen, and avoiding traps...

Of course, within a team it is absolutely prohibited to make any sign or say anything to help the partner to guess the card that has been played.

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