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It is the first Millenium, BC. The location is the Eastern Mediterranean. Groups of people banded together in city-states, and through conquest and commerce, they rose to prominence. It was an era where many separate kingdoms and individuals each had their own distinct moment “in the sun”. This is the world of Gentes, where players will guide their civilization through the ups and downs of history, trying to make sure they are the one who makes a permanent mark in the annals of history!

Designed by Stefan Risthaus (Arkwright), this civilization game is for 2-4 players and will last around 90 minutes. While training priests, soldiers, merchants, artisans, and scholars, players will establish and populate significant cities, while creating monuments that will glorify their greatness to those who see them in the future.

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“Another TMG beauty”

NOTE: my review covers the “Deluxified” version of Gentes, the retail version will not have metal coins or wooden action tiles. hourglasses, or worker tokens

TMG’s “Deluxified” series of games improve with each new game they’ve deluxified. In this game, the coins are robust, hefty, and a pleasure to hold, the upgraded action tile, hourglasses, and citizen tiles are a quality wood, the player boards are double layered so everything put on them stays in place and glosy so they have a nice shine to them.

In Gentes, time management and action selection are used to try to build the most buildings and outposts to gain the most VP and win

Game play/replay

Gentes is played over 6 rounds divided into 3 eras. During the game you use your allotted time to select actions which you place into your time bar on your board. Then add the appropriate number of hourglass tokens after the action token by either placing one hour glass er space or 2 per space. These actions allow you to claim building cards, build building cards, place outposts on the main board, acquire more citizen/workers of one or two of 6 kinds, gain gold, take start player, or pass for the round. Each action (other than passing and taking start player) costs gold, time, or both. Once everyone passes you go into a decline phase where you get rewards based off of outposts built or buildings that give decline bonuses. which can be bonus cubes, gold, or VP. If your unplayed hand is too many cards a penalty is given. If the round was 2 or 4 you gain another space on your timeline on your board.

The Bad

The citizen slider rules are baffling the first time you play. 2 citizens are on each slider and combined cannot be higher than 6, so 4 soldiers means you cannot have more than 2 merchants, if you get more merchants, you lose that many soldiers. This is’t a problem initially because you wont have that many citizens to begin with, but as actions and buildings happen, this quickly changes. New players might find this confusing. Also in the “Deluxified” version, you have to assemble the foamcore insert that comes with it. that requires superglue and I get that **** everywhere when I use it.

In conclusion

Pretty good game, I was surprised how much I liked it, but am glad I accidentally preordered it and then forgot I did so till my FLGS told me I did 😛


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