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Galaxy Defenders: Operation Strikeback - Board Game Box Shot

Galaxy Defenders: Operation Strikeback

| Published: 2015
Expansion for Galaxy Defenders
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Assault on the dark side of the Moon

Operation Strikeback is the first campaign expansion for Galaxy Defenders. The Agency prepares to counterattack the Alien invaders launching a strike against the alien base on the dark side of the Moon. The scenarios included in the expansion develop the storyline begun with the campaign included in the Core Set.

Operation Strikeback adds many new features and new mechanics, introducing new aliens, new powers and new characters. The Master Aliens - the highest-ranked invaders in the Alien Army - are introduced in this expansion. To win the final battle, the Agents must fight the gigantic Wormoon, heavily armored and armed monster with impressive abilities and a terrible bite that can tear an armored agent apart!

To fight against these new opponents, the Agency has created new “toys” for the agents, such as the extremely versatile Power Suits which improve Agents’ movement, including the ability to fly, as well as enhancing his combat abilities.

Agents can also be endowed with psionic powers, allowing them to walk through time, cause lethal and critical hits, predict the future, and much more!

Agents are no longer alone in this war, as Operation Strikeback introduces a Non-Player Character (NPC) system, allowing intelligent non-player agents to fight side by side with the GD squad.

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