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Fresh Fish - Board Game Box Shot

Fresh Fish

| Published: 2014
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It's time for the next market day! As a rising trader you are trying to get the best spaces for your market stalls. Only the trader with the freshest goods will get the most customers.

Everything could be so simple, but the other traders repeatedly place flea market tables in your way. The management strictly oversees that the market square does not get too crowded, so you frequently lose reserved spaces. It happens again: Your own fish stall stands at the other side of the market square, far away from the delivery truck with the fresh goods.

Regularly you must decide to secure reserved spaces for a lot of money or risk waiting for a good cheap space later in the game. Only thus you will be the most successful trader!

In Fresh Fish you try to build your market stalls as close as possible to the matching delivery trucks on a huge market square. A delivery of goods directly from the delivery truck into the market stall is not allowed, there must be at least 1 path between them. Unfortunately the competition between the traders is quite intense, so you will block each other from the shortest paths with your market stalls. Additionally neutral flea market tables will get in the way, too.

To secure the prime spaces for your market stalls you must buy the stall tiles cheaply at an auction. But if you bid too little and lose the auctions you may later get a space much further away.

At the end of the game you add all the paths between your market stalls and the delivery trucks and subtract the saved coins from this sum. The player with the lowest value wins the game - he offers the freshest goods to his customers!

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