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Flip City Board Game

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Build your own town in Flip City! In this deck-building game, you have no hand at all; instead, you play cards directly from the top of your deck. Winning the game requires delicate strategies...and some luck as well!!

A turn consists of two phases: card playing and building.

Players play cards directly from the top of their deck and may choose to continue unless they have three cry-face icons in play, which ends their turn immediately. When they choose to stop, they move to the building phase.

During the building phase, a player can use the coins gained from their previously played cards to buy a new card or to upgrade a card in their personal discard pile. To upgrade a card, pay the cost and flip it over; upgraded cards remain in the discard pile.

Since all cards in this game are double-sided, be careful not to flip them over accidentally when placing cards into your discard pile or when shuffling your deck.

Whenever a player gains eight or more VP during a single card playing phase, the player wins immediately!

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“Mystic Vale lite”

Flip City is a deckbuilder where you are developing your city (deck) in a race to produce one of two conditions in a single turn.

How it works
The deck, in this deckbuilder, is a deck of buildings you have in your city. The deck is held in your hand and you know what the top card of the deck will be. It is a push-your-luck style game because some cards with “sad faces” have to be played if they are the top card of your deck. Three sad faces and you bust – your turn is ended immediately. This is very similar to how you place out cards in Mystic Vale.

When you decide to stop putting out cards, if you didn’t bust, you count up the currency your turn has generated and you either purchase new cards from common piles in the middle to add to your discard pile or you can pay the cost to flip a card that is in your discard pile, upgrading that card. Because all the cards are double-sided you have to be careful when shuffling – but I am careful when shuffling with a typical deck so it isn’t that big of a deal.

The upgraded sides have more powerful buildings or buildings with just different effects. Some of them have victory points. If you can get a turn where you are showing 8 VP points, the game is done and you win. There is also another card that allows you to win if you have a turn where you have 18 cards showing (without busting).

My thoughts
Turns are pretty quick. There are about three strategies you can take. Strategies change a little depending on how risk tolerant the players are. Knowing your deck and keeping track of what cards have been played are crucial for knowing when you can or can’t risk playing the next card.

There is a newer version of this called Flip City: Wilderness that is a stand-alone sequel. Just like with other deckbuilders, the cards of the expansion can be mixed into the original game if you would like.

My family likes this one. It is a bit faster in gameplay, setup and clean up than Mystic Vale. So as a filler, it works but if we have more time we would probably play Mystic Vale.


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