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Fast Food Franchise - Board Game Box Shot

Fast Food Franchise

, | Published: 1992
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First to a million dollars wins in this exciting game of financial empire building for 2-5 players.

Each player represents an investor. You begin by traveling around the U.S., searching for an open market in which to start one of the eight different Fast Food Corporations.

Once established, you'll expand by adding franchises to existing markets and opening new markets, hoping to connect your separate markets and franchises into a nationwide chain. If you're successful, your Corporation will generate greater dividends passing Start and earn higher income from other players when they visit your markets.

Fast Food Franchise board

You may advertise to increase the odds that players do land on your markets but beware, media campaigns can be expensive... and if you're short of cash when you land on another player's market, you'll have to dismantle your empire to pay up.

Can YOU build a nationwide chain and earn a million without going bankrupt?

Fast Food Franchise is a game of skill and luck. YOU make the big decisions:

Which corporation to start up? Steak 'n' Salad is expensive but profitable. Burger Brothers has the potential to dominate the entire board. Pizza Pavilion has cheap advertising and lots of room for growth. Ice Cream Scream is cheap to start up, easy to expand, but has low income...

When to advertise? Too much, too soon and you won't make enough passing Start. Too little, too late and you'll go broke by landing on other players' markets before you can collect enough income.

Where to expand? Do you try to connect your own markets or block other players? And is NOW the right time to play that Hostile Takeover strategy card that you've been hoarding?

Fast Food Franchise pieces

Taking only 1-1/2 - 3 hours to play, Fast Food Franchise is ideal for family play while retaining enough subtle strategy to keep the interest of even the most avid game players.

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