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Expedition Altiplano - Board Game Box Shot

Expedition Altiplano


Will you survive the perils of the Incans' Sacred Valley?

In the Vilcamayu valley of the 1930s, two rival expeditions are seeking out the fabulous treasures of the Incans. In the heart of the Andes, archeologists, mercenaries, guides and guerillas all hope to claim their share of glory or riches.

But the dangers are many. At the hour at which the sun barely dissipates the morning mists, the jaguar watches, the storm builds and the enemy waits, awaiting the right moment to strike… It's a beautiful day for an adventure!

This card game by Christian Martinez manages to be quite simple, have a good tactical depth, and stick to a wonderful pulp feeling worthy of the best Indiana Jones adventures all at once! After dozens of games, you will still want to come back to it!

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