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Edge of Darkness - Board Game Box Shot

Edge of Darkness

| Published: 2019

Edge of Darkness is a game featuring a shared deckbuilding system, variable Locations, worker placement, and a unique Threat Tower which menaces the city of Aegis, the lands of Dunestar and the domain of Coldharbor.

2-4 players (or a single player using the Voiceless Guild Solo system) compete to see who can generate the most Prestige in the City at the end of the game. The game is played over a prologue and 8 rounds. Players can pursue many different strategies to achieve victory depending on the Locations selected for the game and the choices and actions of other players during the game.

On your turn you'll draft cards from the Street, a tableau generated from the shared deck. Those cards will generate Threat Cubes; at the start of your turn you'll drop the Threat Cubes generated in the previous turn into the Threat Tower to see if an attack on the City has occurred. After resolving the attack (if any) you'll take actions from the cards in your hand.

You may assign Agents to Locations, train new Agents, generate Influence and/or Goodwill, create Coin, conduct Hunts against the Blight, claim neutral cards, and many other interesting and strategic actions depending on the cards you have in your hand and the current game state. If you use an action on a card owned by another Guild you'll pay that Guild Leader some coin.

When you've finished taking your actions you discard your hand; cards you own and neutral cards go to the common discard while cards owned by other Guilds go directly to their Guildhalls and will be drawn by those players at the start of the next turn.

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