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Destined Hero - Board Game Box Shot

Destined Hero

What turns a young man into a world-saving Hero?
A sacred spear, discovered at just the right moment, might give him the edge he needs to best the evil Fiend. But now the spear is locked in a treasure chest! Better make sure he finds the moon key, which can open any lock. And that mountain pass is home to a red wyrm; he'll probably need some winged boots to make it through in one piece. Perhaps you should place a healing spring on the far side so he can tend his wounds?

Destined Hero is a 2 player strategy game in which you play the forces of destiny trying to raise up a Hero or bring him to ruin. You must have the vision to see what the Hero will need to surmount the tasks that await him, and plant the seeds in prehistory that will bear fruit in the moment of fate. Distribute treasures and allies to aid the Hero, or monsters and obstacles to hinder him, and choose the abilities to bestow upon each. The world in which you create can make or break the journey as the Hero attempts to make his way to war against the Fiend.

The final battle approaches – but the outcome is surely no mystery to one who sees the threads of fate. After all, it's not really about the Hero... it's about the destiny that awaits him.

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