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Churchill (Big Three Struggle for Peace) - Board Game Box Shot

Churchill (Big Three Struggle for Peace)

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Churchill is a one- to three-player game where you are one of the Big Three: Churchill (UK), Roosevelt (USA), or Stalin (USSR). The object of the game is to manipulate the end of World War II to your nation’s relative advantage. But this is not a game of head-to-head competition. Churchill is a game of ‘coopetition’ where you both cooperate and compete with your opponents. This is not a wargame per se, but a political struggle amongst allies shaping the post-war world. If you are too aggressive, you can shatter the alliance creating a more dangerous post-war world. The winner of the game is the player who can best impose their strategic vision on that peace.

A game of Churchill is played as a series of conferences. Each of the three scenarios (training, tournament, and campaign) consists of a number of conferences (three, ve, and ten respectively), with all scenarios ending after the tenth conference or when the Axis surrenders. During a conference you represent one of the Big Three (Churchill, Roosevelt, or Stalin) and your sta (seven sta cards each, per conference) where you nominate, advance, and debate issues. After the last sta card has been played, players determine who won the conference and then implement each conference issue, changing the political and military situation on the board. The conference concludes with the Allied military forces, called Fronts, attempting to advance along their Front Track toward Germany and Japan. When both Germany and Japan have surrendered, the war is over, and the players conduct a nal tally of Victory Points (VPs) to determine the winner of the game.

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