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Castle of Magic - Board Game Box Shot

Castle of Magic

| Published: 1991

A Monster is lurking in the depths of Castle Bondi. The rulers of three neighboring countries journeyed to the Castle to vanquish the monster but were themselves devoured. When they died, the three Items of Power - a Crown, an Amulet and a Scepter - were lost with them.

Castle of Magic is a four to six player game of intrique and suspense. Each player takes the part of one of 16 wizards who is trying to gain control of one of the three mystical items while also learning how to cast the Ritual spell which will either banish the monster or make him a servant.

As you play, each player gains more and more information about the items, the spell and the other players. Find an ally and you can win together; find your enemy and ensure that he fails.

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“friend or foe”

First let me say I like this style of game and miss it as you rarely see it these days. I am not going to go over the rules in detail but will expand on what’s going on. You have a common board area that shows the current status of the magic items of the game on a little position track for each item, You want to get the marker to one end or the other of the track which locks in the result. i.e. The book will wind up open or closed, etc… Which way you you want an item to go depends on your wizard’s character card. You also have a faction on your card. On your turn you can question another player. They answer by going through a stack of cards and selecting the 1st one that reveals a true fact about their character, Each card has a series of numbers on the back and you match the 1st card showing your number on it. You get to see the card but don’t know ahead of time what fact you are revealing and some are more informative then others. Once per player per game you can hold a conference off to the side separately with each player. You can lie when exchanging info but you never know what the others already know. You win if you get a favorable outcome on the items, but even if items are locked in an unfavorable position you can get a shared victory if your faction wins.


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