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Battle for Rokugan - Board Game Box Shot

Battle for Rokugan


A battlecry went up from the enemy line, and the wave of enemy infantry rushed forth to meet them.

She looked to her forces and shouted at the top of her lungs, her horse rearing beneath her. “Steel yourselves, soldiers! For the Emperor! For Rokugan!”?

In the early days of the Emerald Empire, seven honorable clans battle for dominance over the rich land of Rokugan. Only one can rise above their rivals and become the leader of the realm. Designed by Tom Jolly with Molly Glover, Battle for Rokugan is a game of conquest and mayhem that turns two to five players into the mighty daimyō who must use their strength, cunning, and strategy to gain control of the region and bring honor to their clan. Lead your people to glory; the land is yours for the taking!

Pledge Your Sword
Rokugan is a land divided. The seven honorable clans, Crab, Crane, Dragon, Phoenix, Lion, Scorpion, and Unicorn, each possess a territory in this diverse realm that is further split into provinces, one of which contains their growing city. Players must decide which clan they will represent in the coming war that will determine the fate of the realm, using that clan’s unique ability and special combat token to assert their dominance over the Empire that is to come.

The ultimate objective of the daimyō is to become the most honorable leader in Rokugan by conquering provinces in the name of their clan. Players complete this task by placing control tokens in unclaimed provinces, battling rivals to expand their clan’s reach, and completing the secret objective tasked to each daimyō.

Plan Your Attack
Battle for Rokugan is played over the course of five rounds, each of which is divided into three phases. The first phase, upkeep, begins with the daimyō determining the first player by drawing from the initiative deck. Without the certainty of a routine progression, the daimyō must actively enact their strategies rather than biding their time. Next, each daimyō draws a hand of six combat tokens and takes the territory card of any area in which they control all provinces. Players may then form their strategies based on which territory card effects and token types they hold.

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