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Attack of the Mutants - Board Game Box Shot

Attack of the Mutants

| Published: 1981

A really campy 1950s B-movie horror board game, pitting the "heroes" against the campus membership, newly mutated by a horrible nuclear accident at the nearby power station (the Big Melt-Down of 1993).

Kindly old professor Applegate, his toothsome daughter Penny, her heroic but dense love interest Buck and an assortment of other stereotypes (such as the prof's robots) fight to save the world from the awful mutant thingies. Frenzied dashes down polished corridors with howling mobs of beasties in hot pursuit. A kicking and screaming Penny being carried off. Again. A desperate battle for time as the Professor prattles inanely, "Maybe we can reason with them".

The mutants come in three flavors: normal, radio-active and leader. Map and set-up are randomized for re-playability (there are movable Wall counters). The game is played in 10 turns; victory for either side hinges on control of the Tech Room (where a gate to an unpolluted Earth-like planet has been opened, hopefully allowing the "normies" to escape the muties). Optional rules allow for hidden movement.

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