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Aliens - Board Game Box Shot


| Published: 1989
ALIENS is a game for one or more players; it recreates the major conflicts that take place in the movie from 20th Century Fox. There are several different battles, or Scenarios, in the game and in each case the players will take the roles of the various people from the movie (Ripley, the Colonial Marines, Burke and Newt) and attempt to survive their encounters with the Aliens. There are three Scenarios, which are be played independently or one after another, to simulate the entire movie. The Scenarios are:

  • The Reactor Room: The first encounter with the Aliens. A squad of nine Marines, led by Sgt. Apone enters the lair of the Aliens in search of the Colonists.
  • Operations and the Air Ducts: Barricaded into the Colony's command post the remaining Marines along with Ripley, Newt, and Burke, face a concentrated Alien assault. As they fall back, Newt leads the survivors through a maze of tunnels toward the Landing Pad and safety, with the Aliens in pursuit.
  • Ripley vs. The Queen: On board the ship, Ripley uses a Powerloader in her final battle with the Alien Queen.

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