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It’s the distant future and mankind has taken a galactic leap forward through space, time, and technology. Life as we know it struggles to endure on the ABADDON. Once the home of a mysterious, non-human civilization, the planet is now a desolate wasteland bearing one immensely precious resource: Feronium power crystals. The unimaginable energy contained within the crystals is coveted by two groups of humans: the Satellite City-States and the Commonwealth Alliance. Using giant bio-mech suits called Links, made from modified military vehicles and alien technology; the warring factions fight a weary battle for territorial control of the ABADDON.

At your disposal is a huge, 28” x 19” battlefield game board with 32 highly-detailed mech figurines, 18 free-standing landscape terrain features, over 100 game-changing Wild Fire and Weapon System cards, dozens of tokens, battle dice and a Battle Manual containing over 15 mission scenarios.

Abaddon board game components
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Choose your allegiance and lead your army in non-stop excitement as you forge through unforgiving terrain, fight to overcome random and bizarre technological glitches, and battle your enemies in never-ending war. The fate of the future is in your hands as you race to survive and conquer the ABADDON!

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“Pretty Cool Game”

I got a chance to play this with one on my friends who owned it. We played 1 three player and then 2 more one on one games. We all had a really fun time playing this. This is Richard Borg game the same guy who did Battle Lore, but the difference is that you roll a set number of activation dice based on the scenario to see which one of your miniatures (called links) gets to activate or draw cards. I have to say I really liked the game and playing with the right kind of person makes the game a lot of fun.

Replay Value:
There are a number of one on one and multi player scenarios in the book, I forgot how many. They are all different and have different mission requirements. I can see that you and fans could probably come up with scenarios. So I see reply value very high for this game.

Well the board is pretty good.
The weapons cards are ok, one thing is that they should have been the small sized cards, since you lay them on the board to indicate which direction you are shooting at.
The wild fire cards are ok too, they represent the bad and sometimes the good things that can happen to your miniatures (links)
The terrain pieces are ok, they have no function in game play except for blocking LOS. I think in future scenarios/expansion they will be used for mission objective and/or bonuses. This is only a guess, since there are 3 type of terrain, forest, city and Town I believe.
The activation dice, well they are dice, although you have to stick the stickers on them. A bonus is that they give you spare stickers.
The combat dice, well they are dice. But are color coded to the links (miniatures) that should roll them when resolving combat.
The miniatures, well this is where I think most of the production monies went. They are awesome and very detailed. They have a sticker that goes on the back of their base to show there stats and it is color coded to which face of the dice activate them and which combat dice to roll. The font of the base holds the chits for their life value (crystals), take a hit remove them. It also serves as a place to put square chits to remind players that the miniature (link) has a special effect on them.
The chits are good and thick, they are 4 color crystal chits to represent which player miniature (links) belong too. There are special square effects counters that indicate what effect are on the miniature (link), they all have a tab so you can insert it into the front of the base of the miniature.

Easy To learn:

Game play is pretty straight forward.

Roll your combat dice, the attackers lays out his weapon cards to target the defending player. Once the attacker is done the defending player lays down his weapon cards to defend. Then these cards modify the dice rolls for the attacker and defending player to determine the results for the combat. Also depending on the results of the rolls things can often go wrong, which are represented by the wild fire cards.

This game Is pretty easy to learn. It plays fairly fast, the one on one games played in about 30 minutes. The multi player game was about 40 minutes. I’d say this is a beer and pretzel game. Playing it with the right person makes this game a lot of fun. I think the fun part is where you get a good activation roll and have a full hand of weapon cards and you maneuver you miniatures (link) and get setup to blow away your opponent and turns and counters all your shooting with his cards, and dice roll results get you a wild fire card draw. What no…

It a fun game! Price point is high, but It pretty much for all the plastic in the box. With 2 or 3 players the game is still fast to play. I’ve not tried a 4 player game as yet. Overall if this was brought out again I’d defiantly play it !


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