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Do you only have a couple of minutes to play a board game?
Play this game, you can play 5 rounds in less than 20 minutes.
Do you not have enough room to bring your favorite, yet gigantic, board game?
Stuff this game in your pocket, it’ll probably fit (unless you have tiny pockets.)

I’m not going to explain the rules, as you can learn them online, or even simply reading the instructions. But this is a great game, with a great mixture of luck, strategy, and bluffing. (You WILL have unlucky turns, but thankfully the rounds are so quick that it doesn’t really matter.)

I’m not in love with the theme, which is why I rated the components four stars. However, I LOVE the box, and the quality of the cards and the cubes. Ah, and if at all possible, buy some small wooden hearts to replace the cubes. The cubes are useful, but not at all thematically coherent.

I really can’t recommend this game enough!

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