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7 out of 8 gamers thought this was helpful

Ethnos is a great, complex, 6 player party game.
At the start of the game, a random set of creatures is chosen from 12 different
creature types and their varying abilities mean that in each game, different strategies are used.
Unlike most games, the visible selection isn’t replenished when recruiting a creature from it.
Instead, the visible selection is replenished by any un-used creatures whenever you play a band, which results in wanting to use all the creatures.
Playing a band allows you to conquer parts of the board, yielding points based on round and area.
Territory is competed for by players, each vying for the top spot.
After each round, territory increases in value.
Territory is divided into 6 different Kingdoms, each with different point values.
The diversity of Ethnos makes it great to play with friends at a party, since players have multiple ways to gain points.

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Splendor is a reasonably simple board game, which can be enjoyed with a group of friends while chatting.

Each turn you choose which of five different types of gems to collect, which are used as currency to buy cards. The cards range in price, and can be used to buy other cards.

Cards are also worth points, roughly proportional to their cost, and to win the game you need to accumulate fifteen points. Friendly competition arises when multiple players vie for the same card.

People of all ages can enjoy playing this game with their friends.

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