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Gamma World

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I started playing Dungeons & Dragons back in 1978 when I was 7 years old. Some older boys down the street taught me to play, and the oldest brother was our DM. He had most of the TSR games that were available, and I instantly fell in love with Gamma World!

Gamma World was similar to D&D, except instead of being set in a magical realm of swords and sorcery, it was set in a dystopian future of radiation and ruin. Laser guns were common, and you could be a Pure Strain Human (resilient, but boring), a mutated human, or a mutated animal.

The original module was “Legion of Gold”, but I seem to remember more about “Famine in Far Go”, and I believe there were giant radioactive chickens.

I admit, we played D&D much more than we played Gamma World, but it has always held a special place in my heart.

I haven’t played any of the newer versions, but based on the popularity of the latest edition of D&D, I hope that it gets another re-issue soon. It seems that the latest edition was made in 2010 by Wizards of the Coast and came with cards of some sort, so it seems to have changed considerably from the old pen and paper version that I grew up with.

Pros: Fun and different for people who tire of elves and dragons.
Cons: Not as much support as D&D.

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