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Cthulhu Wars

57 out of 65 gamers thought this was helpful

OK lets get this out of the way. Its expensive , not Games Workshop hobby expensive but more costly than most board games. You do see why its expensive when you are greeted by the massive minis in the box though.

Rules are simple and battles go quickly but are important(note battles do require die rolling and thus some luck). Rules need to be simple due to the Asymmetrical factions each ending up with their own special actions (this is where the complexity of decision making comes in). Asymmetrical factions means your are going to need to play many times before you are sick of the game and each expansion really adds to that replayability (because dropping out a team such as Crawling Chaos really changes things).

If I had one criticism the ‘game ends when someone reaches >=30 victory points often results in an anticlimactic ending.

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