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Go to the Pathfinder: Beginner Box page
57 out of 76 gamers thought this was helpful

Great introduction to the iconics and Sandpoint. If you are going to be showing lots of people how to play the game (and let’s face it, you’ll probably want to), then you should buy the package of Iconics Miniatures so you can have the complete package. Much better than the cards, though if you have some Pawns (see other packages), you can use these for consistency. I just find the minis actually add to the enjoyment of the players and most have really liked them.
Good detail on the sheets and make it really fun to jump into the story. Great job there Paizo!

Replay Value:
Normal Person/Player: 2/5
Gamemaster: 5/5
Thus my overall score of 3/5. If you teach people to play games though, this is the best of the best and is excellent in helping them to want to roll up their own characters for the full Pathfinder RPG.

Go to the Pathfinder: Core Rulebook page
61 out of 88 gamers thought this was helpful

While this is not a storyteller’s type game, it has all the elements to make great stories and great characters. Very comprehensive core rulebook and is pretty much all anyone would need to play anything, including the game master, except for some monsters or additional storyline that can be found in a few other products. The development is deep and has it’s roots in Dungeons and Dragons, but has not taken the detour that Wizards pursued. Lots of detail if you are wanting it, but many things are easy to work in later for newer players.
If you like creating characters, this is a fantastic system for you, but be warned, you’ll create a lot and you’ll constantly have ideas for more. The map is awesome and I am lucky to be able to print mine out at 42″x68″! (Ok, so that is not included in the Core but it reminds me of the game constantly).
There could be more flavor in some of the text like some other systems provide, but you wouldn’t be able to pick up the book if it did. Overall an excellent investment. If you are lucky, you’ll be in a town where lots of other people play and you now have all you need to succeed!

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