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55 out of 72 gamers thought this was helpful

This game sounds impressive. All reviews I’ve watched on Youtube are positive and exciting. I think this is mainly due to it being very new and not much actual playing going on yet.

After playing a few scenarios (2/3 of the game as shipped), it became painfully obvious to me that the game lacks depth–big time. There are 500 cards but really not a whole lot of variation when you actually look at what is meaningful. If you play this game, you will understand. Scenarios are ‘different’ but they are really all the same–that’s not exaggeration either. There is really no story, only a descriptive paragraph or two on adventure, scenario, and location cards. It’s just bland and definitely lacking the ‘adventure’ portion of the title.

The real kicker is that your success or failure is mainly determined by whether the Villain and Henchmen you are searching for in the ‘location’ decks are near the top or near the bottom. If too many are near the bottom, you will run out of turns and lose. If most are near the top, you will win absent some sort of act of God affecting your dice rolls.

The concept sounds good and probably could be good, but this game doesn’t get there and I can’t imagine anyone wanting to finish this game much less replay or expand their game when the expansions are available, unless you like rote, unimaginative card turning and dice rolling and then maybe this is for you.

I was frankly surprised at all the high ratings for this game after buying it (and going by those ratings in my decision to purchase it)and playing it. Perhaps boardgamers in general are very easy to impress or very hesitant to criticize. I firmly believe with time this game’s rating will drop like a rock to where it really belongs. If I could change my rating (haven’t figured out how to do that or if it is even possible on this site), I would definitely go with a 4 rather than the ‘kind’ 6 I gave it previously.

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