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109 out of 127 gamers thought this was helpful

This is such a great game. I like matching the colors, I guess it satisfies my OCD 😉 Also, there’s plenty of situations for playing strategically, either to increase your own points or just to destroy your opponents play. Kids and adults can play this together and still be at the same level, since kids can match colors easily and the game is random enough to not favor adults over children.

The rulebook is easy to read and understand. The first game is quickly set up and running. The setup description makes it easy to adapt the game to 2, 3 or 4 players.

First, I played it with my husband and it was great fun. At the second game we included my eight year old nephew who won big time (oh dear), but still plenty of fun. The game is fun both as a 2 player game and as a 3 player game. Can’t wait to try a 4 player game 🙂

The duration of a game is not very long, so you can easily play a couple of games without feeling exhausted.

All in all, a very nice manageable game. In short I would tag it with the following comments:
– Short duration
– Easy rules
– Strategy
– Also great for kids (8y+)

I would definitely recommend this game.

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