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Small World

28 out of 59 gamers thought this was helpful

Probably my favorite game. This was one of my first hobby/strategy/euro game purchases and I don’t regret it.

The simple game play (2+cardboard) makes it easy enough for my 4 year old to play. But the random power and race combinations make it a good challenge for avid gamers.

The expansions to the game have just added more fun and replayability to the game. Plus Days of Wonders makes great looking games. All of the races have great character.

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Love Letter

60 out of 87 gamers thought this was helpful

When I first heard about this game I was intrigued but the small number of components and simple gameplay. But I never really sought it out. Then I ended up with two copies shipped to my doorstep one day.

After a few games I realized just how clever and good this game is. Yes, there is a lot of luck in the game. You are often forced into a play by the cards you draw. But if you pay attention to the clues and hints that others drop during the game you can deduce who has what fairly quickly.

Although the packaging says 2-4 players I would highly recommend avoiding a 2 player game. It’s just not that interesting.

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48 out of 89 gamers thought this was helpful

Carc is one of my favorite games. I like the simple puzzle aspect of playing a tile. But it’s also a cut-throat game of scoring big while denying your opponent.

I’ve played this game more than just about any other and it remains on my top 10 list of games. I would highly recommend the Inns and Cathedral expansion to really make the game more interesting. A few other expansions can be added for more fun or some twists on the normal gameplay.

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