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When I first played Hive, I was a little overwhelmed with everything. I had no idea what was considered a good move and what was considered a bad move. Hive is a game that is completely strategy based, meaning that you are always assessing not only your moves, but your opponent’s moves as well. You always have to stay one step ahead of your opponent if you really want to win. While Hive isn’t my favorite game out there, I still feel like it is a great game for a variety of different reasons. One of the things that makes Hive such a wonderful game is that it takes up very little space and it can be played on any flat surface, making it a great travel game. Another thing I really like about Hive are the tiles themselves. The pieces themselves are really durable, and the colorful insects inscribed on each tile are just really well designed. Also, Hive is really simple and easy to teach, but it also keeps players entertained from beginning to end, as they plan out their strategy that will hopefully make them victorious! In conclusion, Hive is small enough to play virtually anywhere, simple enough to teach to just about anyone, and fun to play. Personally I prefer games that have more elements to them than just strategy, but that is just my opinion. I would recommend Hive to anyone who loves strategy games, or is looking for a great game to play with their partner on the go!

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