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I think, that the version I own might be older but from what I’ve seen, only looks have been changed so far.

This was one of games I had laying around for a long time, but when me and my girlfriend started playing it, we were surprised about how much fun can be fit into such a small package. I like games where I can manage resources, my girlfriend enjoys when there is element of action in the game. But this was honestly blast for both of us. We played for long hours with game being on tie most of the time. I liked the times when action card would just change outcome of next turn such as in moments, when my commerce harbor would be taken away and so was my token. Sometimes, luck would be really important and sometimes insight was the decisive factor.

Some of the cons were poorly made game manual (which I hope was updated through years) and lack of larger variety of “?” cards. This game could be improved by just adding an expansion pack…

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