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Zombie Dice

14 out of 29 gamers thought this was helpful

I picked this up for the holidays as at the counter at my local game shop. For $6 you get 13 zombie dice, a nice looking cardboard tube for shaking, and instructions. Right away my friends took a shine to this game and even the ones who don’t normally get into games joined right in.
The game itself seems relatively straight forward (collect 13 brains and avoid the shotguns) but there is enough chance and and probability involved due the different types of dice that it stays fresh every time.
The game even looks decent on the shelf thanks to the wrapper on the tube. Overall I would recommend this game to anyone, casual or hardcore, as a great bargain game.

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Cthulhu Dice

32 out of 55 gamers thought this was helpful

Having really enjoyed zombie dice I decided to pick this one up. For $5 you get some green stones, 1 Cthulhu die, instructions, a plastic bag. Doesn’t look too good on the shelf but for five bucks *shrugs*. SJ Games does offer a bag modeled of Cthulhu himself for $30 but that seems a tad excessive.
First off this game is not designed to be played between two people. While you can have some fun by playing as multiple casters it really isn’t all that enjoyable. Later on we got 7 people playing (the game only has enough sanity stones for 6 so we used some pennies) and while it was more better the game just isn’t that interesting.
Overall it’s not nearly as much fun as Zombie Dice and while it’s probably worth the five bucks I cannot recommend this game.


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