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Alien Frontiers

79 out of 93 gamers thought this was helpful

I will give a brief review in the following categories. Component quality, theme, learning curve, suggested number of players, interaction, re-playability and fun factor.

Component Quality:
Quality of all the components is very well done and has nice artwork.

In my opinion the space theme comes through very well. When I bought a card and used it I “felt” as if I was actually using whatever was on the card. Might sound a bit odd but I was really pulled in by the theme.

Learning Curve:
Very easy to learn. Within 5-10 minutes you have learned the basics of the game.

Suggested # Of Players:
Two players is fun but the “screw you” component of the game is lost. Plays better with 3-4 players since no one really knows who is going to screw them over or when it is going to happen.

Lots of interaction and lots of “screw you” in the game also which I LOVE. Laughter, groans, etc. It’s all there.

Very good re-playability. There is so much interaction and so many strategies to try out that it keeps the game quite fresh.

Fun Factor:
This is one fun game. Great interaction, lots of strategies to try out, some nice “screw you” cards to play and overall just a simple, fun game.

Final Score. 9 out of 10. Get this game! 🙂

For all you new gamers out there. There are times you are going to play a game for the first time and love it. There are other times you are going to play a game for the first time and not think to much of the game. When that happens play it some more. When you do this you will learn the game in more detail including the mechanics and strategies. When this happens a game that you did not like on the first game play you might like once you really get the “hang” of it. I recommend playing a game at least 3 times before making a final judgement call on it.

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