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128 out of 141 gamers thought this was helpful

Thematically full of atmosphere, this 2-person game has simple rules and easy-to-learn mechanics and has even earned a nomination for the Kennerspiel des Jahres 2012 in Germany.

A great 2-player worker placement game. Every meeple you place gives you an action and potentially a second action on the intersection of imagined lines from your meeples, and it blocks your opponents placing options on two spaces. This means that with every placement you have to think, “what do I need? what does my opponent want? if he places there than I do that, otherwise I’ll do that” and so on.
The strategy that is built around this mechanism however, is incredibly satisfying. Do you play offensively and go for the border placement that gives you the best initial option? Do you play defensively and block an opponent from playing where he/she wanted? What row has the best line up of options if you get blocked from the intersection you want? What border card gives the best ability without sacrificing resources you will need to buy things? Many crucial decisions that add up to a fantastic game without simultaneously adding unnecessary complexity.

Once you have learned in the first game, the simple but challenging mechanisms, often immediately follows the second and third game in which you slowly get a feel for the depth and complexity. Again and again You can find new ways to optimize Your own turn and leave as little room for the opponent tactics. This is always faced with the dilemma to make the best move for yourself or block Your opponent. On top of that, the much needed tribal card does not always show up if and when You would have liked. Who uses his chances and possibilities best wins – often only with the crucial one or two points ahead. The high replay ability appeal of Targi is due to the often very close results, again and again to discover new ways and tactics and to take the constant dilemma of the right decisions.

A really clever worker placement and set collection game with enough twist to feel fresh and new and the intersection mechanism is unique and fun to play.

The game material is attractively illustrated and of very good quality. The game play is well supported by the clear and unambiguous graphics.
The playing time is ca. 60 minutes. For me Targi is an absolute highlight among the 2-person games, which combined with a great depth and high replay ability has a considerable potential for addiction due to the comfortable playing time and great fun factor.

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