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62 out of 84 gamers thought this was helpful

I had wanted to try this game out for a long time and I was so glad I did.

The replay value is extremely high for several reasons. One, the terrain tiles can be placed in all sorts of configurations, so the island is never the same. Two, each game is different because of the tiles being picked up and the creatures being rolled. You could have shark infested waters right away in one game with highly aggressive sharks (you keep rolling sharks), or you could have a fast moving serpent (you keep rolling serpents), or you could have dangerous whales AND fast moving serpents. The possibilities, and dangers, are endless.

The game pieces are excellent quality and will last a very long time.

The game is somewhat easy to learn. The first game I played was very stop and go, with constantly reading the rule book to make sure we were playing correctly. However, once we played a second time, it was much smoother.

Overall, this is a fun game with so many different things going on in it. I would say it’s 60% strategy and 40% luck. This is a must-play game!

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