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Manchkina ruin vaults again — and not ABBA what, and from the world of legendary role-playing game of Pathfinder. Here all in an adult way: instead of network trolls and psychosquirrels — ancient dragons and powerful goddesses, and a half of indecencies promises to heroes death. But you are already grated puteprokhodets and long ago you holds a tail an arbalest. R-r-razmarodyoril remains of other manchkin, I have fastened boats from a mastodon and an armor from a drakozha, I have taken the Scepter of centuries in one hand, and in another — the Staff of shadows and with all this cart of pathos you stamps in a vault to ground the Sendpoyntsky Devil and will pile lyuly Mother Chudishch to Lamasht.

“Manchkin Pathfinder” — an independent game on the basis of original Manchkin: play her as is or mix with other sets. You are also waited by the cool game field, cardboard figures and permanently hilarious illustrations of John Kovalik — everything that it is necessary for the real manchkin comfortably to meet the tenth level!

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