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16 out of 22 gamers thought this was helpful

This game is really fun. Theres a timer which keeps the game exciting and you work constantly, trying to meet the demands of the customers that come through your door. While there is a strategy that you are able to pick up if you have played the game and crunched the numbers and stuff, its still really fun to play provided you don’t mind the stress of the timer.

In a two player game, this game is really excellent. Its incredibly difficult even on the easy setting where you have 30 seconds per customer and I’ve personally clocked in a 20% win rate as i play with my girlfriend. Played with 4 people, the game scales and actually gets much easier but still requires great teamwork especially as you reduce the time to about 15 seconds per customer.

The rule book does include alternatives where you are able to increase the difficulty by removing event cards, which essentially make the game more difficult (or easy depending on which cards are removed)

All in all, this game is really fun and recommended if you like working under time pressure and you don’t like the game to take really long as everyone is working together to ensure the survival of your restaurant.

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